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Welcome to the debut of our new show Tips and Tricks using essential oils with Sharon and Shelly

Posted by Christina Licona on Friday, October 16, 2015

Tips and Tricks using essential oils with Sharon and Shelly

Young Living Essential Oils

Really 100% Real

Did you know that essential oils need only contain 5% real essential oil to be labeled 100% essential oil? Seems a bit deceptive, but what else is new?  Unfortunately, our culture has become one that the almighty dollar is more valuable than truth.  If it's deceptive... oh well, at least it makes us money! 

What I love about Young Living Essential Oils is that is not only truly 100% that essential oil, but the way its processed allows the oils to be at the highest quality.  100+ years ago, people used plants for their medicine.  We commonly think of this practice as wives tales or some sort of voodoo these days because it's become almost demonized by the medical industry (and I don't use that word lightly) 

Our ancestors got a lot of things right... a lot more than we give credit for.

Modern Medicine

changing views

As a massage therapist, I've become more and more convinced that getting back to nature as much as possible is the best way to get our health back.  I used to believe that if the medical doctors couldn't "fix" me, nothing could.  I am constantly amazed at just how strong a hold pharmacology and modern western medicine has over our daily lives. 

Look, I'm not against medicine or doctors.  They have their place.  It's just no longer on that pedestal I built and put them on over the years, without even realizing it.